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I almost stopped myself from a great experience 4 years ago when I was offered my first opportunity to host a live radio talk show. Before I was offered this opportunity, I first came onto the show as a guest. Then I came back on as a cohost. The host and I developed a really good relationship and we seemed to have this good synergy/connection with working together. Because of this, there was trust built between the host and I. She gave me a call one day while I was sitting at my desk of my nine to five job.
She told me that she had a meeting to attend, and she didn’t want to cancel the live radio show for the day she would be gone. She thought that I would be a great fit and wanted to know if I would be willing to do the episode while she was away. Now like most of us what was going through my head was, “Oh, no, I can’t do this. Me hosting a live radio talk show episode. What am I going to do? What am I going to say? What’s going to be the topic?” All this was going through my head at the time.
I sat on the idea for a couple of days before giving her a call back. I said, “you know, I’m not sure if I can do this because I don’t think I’m ready.”
She said, “Adrian, you’ve always been ready, my friend, that’s why I called you. But if you don’t want to do the show, I understand. I’ll go ahead and cancel it.” Then there was that moment of silence on the phone and something inside of me said, just do it like that Nike slogan.
I said, yes and that was the turning point of my career as a speaker and radio talk show host. The first episode for me was so nerve racking. I remember going inside the studio and the producer Benny right away saw my nervousness. He asked me if I was alright and I said I was okay, just a little nervous. He said, “Look, I’ve seen you and Deena, talk back and forth on the microphone. You’re a natural man. Just do what you do and be yourself”. I’m thinking in my head, be myself?
Then the moment arrived for the countdown. Benny yells, “Alright, we’re about to go live. Here we go 5,4,3, 2” and I stepped into myself and I rocked that mic. That was one of the best episodes I think we had. People loved it so much that they were asking Dena to have me on again. As a result, I came on the show for another episode, then another and so on. This led to a great relationship on the microphone with the host and also led to my credibility in the industry as a speaker and communicator. It didn’t stop there, as it provided me with the courage to produce and record my own podcast.
I bring the experiences that I learned in the studio and in my speaking engagements to my podcast. By stepping outside of my comfort zone, I learned that I could do it.

So where am I getting at with all this? Why am I telling you this? The point here is that if I would have avoided that opportunity, by not stepping out of my comfort zone, this thing that I’m doing now with my life would not be happening.

What are you avoiding currently that could be changing your life or taking you to the next level? Are you afraid to step outside of your comfort zone? Are you thinking too far ahead scaring yourself literally from doing anything new? When I said yes to Dena’s opportunity by stepping into that booth and taking on that live radio talk show, I was literally getting out of my own way. The opportunity was there for me, but I could have missed it if I would have said no or thought too far ahead. I want to help you find opportunities in these challenging times and continue to move forward and be successful no matter what your problems may be.

Adrian Starks

Adrian Starks is the Chief Communication Officer of Connect Now Business Network. He is a Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Personal Development Coach. His mission is to help entrepreneurs, students and organizations with teams who are feeling stuck, uninspired or unfulfilled. Giving them tools and strategies to get out of the ruts they are in, Adrian will empower these individuals to become their own Champions, no matter how stressful their environments may be. He began his entrepreneurial journey with a philosophy that began with the desire to help everyone see that they can courageously make their own changes, and become their very own Champion in any endeavour.

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