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Adrian Starks4 years ago271427 min
Oops, who has walked down the wrong aisle before, even though they’re now all clearly marked with arrows? Did you go backwards? Maybe continue on and hope nobody saw?
Maybe you just felt stuck.
Wow. Things sure are different than they were before. This extends to all aspects of life: there aren’t as many opportunities in travel, both outside of business and in. I understand how some people may feel as the opportunities are few and far between. Businesses are still closed with only a small percentage of jobs allowing people to come back as essential workers.
Even as a business owner or an entrepreneur, you will find yourself having less meetings in person as we are still being careful with the forces of COVID-19. This is important to take into consideration. Opportunities are not going to be as noticeable as they were in the past, but they are still here.
It isn’t harder to find them, they’re just different, especially with the new distractions that we have around us. These distractions are coming from social media and the news on a continuous basis regarding COVID-19, the violence and racism going on in the US, amongst other things taken place across the world. And this is not to say that we do not need to understand or even listen to these things.
Yet, we must realize that these notifications coming from media, family and friends are going to be a distraction for us in a time where opportunities are already difficult to find. One thing that we can start doing right now to help ourselves to locate these opportunities amid challenges and changes is by getting out of our own way. This will require a change in our habits that will be yet another challenge to overcome.
These are some mistakes people make:
1. Not stepping outside of our comfort zones and saying yes to something that may make us feel uncomfortable.
2. By thinking too far ahead, scaring ourselves out of doing anything.
When we don’t step outside of our comfort zone, we will not have any new experiences or any new escapades. This means that we must take risks because risks lead to adventures and adventures lead to more experiences. The more experiences we have the more we are being provided with the opportunities for growth. It is this kind of growth that allows us to have the courage to further step outside of our comfort zones to experience more with our lives. The more that we have, we can learn to adjust ourselves accordingly. This is an inverse relationship with more experiences giving us space for more opportunities.
There is another challenge people are facing when it comes to missing their opportunities and that is thinking too far ahead. Or as that saying goes, putting the cart before the horse. I feel often that we omit ourselves before we commit ourselves to anything.
Immediately there’s this thing that goes on in our brain and we start propagating our future with the cloudiness of failure. We get entangled into the effect before initiating the cause that can guide us through it. This scares us from trying anything. And if you don’t try anything, then the opportunities are not going to be there for you to see them because those opportunities are always going to be dressed in challenges or discomforts.
If you avoid stepping outside of your comfort zone, and think too far ahead, you are self-sabotaging and keeping yourself from experiencing those things that can bring you better opportunities and even experiences.
What are you avoiding currently that could be changing your life or taking you to the next level? Are you afraid to step outside of your comfort zone? Are you thinking too far ahead scaring yourself literally from doing anything new? When I said yes to Dena’s opportunity by stepping into that booth and taking on that live radio talk show, I was getting out of my own way. The opportunity was there for me, but I could have missed it if I would have said no or thought too far ahead. I want to help you find opportunities in these challenging times and continue to move forward and be successful no matter what your problems may be.

I want to help you to get out of your own way in three steps.


1. Say yes to things that may scare you.

In the words of Eleanor Roosevelt, “You must look fear in the face, and you must take it on”. Say yes, I’m open to see where this goes. If it truly resonates with you, no matter how difficult your mind may convince you that it is, just say yes and take on the opportunity.

2. Don’t think too far ahead.

A lot of people do that. Don’t premeditate your failure. They’re thinking about failure before they even take a chance. This will scare anyone from taking even the smallest of steps that could lead to big leaps.

3. Don’t procrastinate. Highly successful people are quick to make a decision and they are slow to change it.

I remember reading an interview from Richard Branson, and he said that if he doesn’t know how to do something, he’ll jump into the action of it and learn along the way.
It’s time for you to start taking more risks and jumping into action. If you want to experience more and have more opportunities, action is required on your behalf. Opportunities are swirling all around you but only visible to those who are not idle. Go to my website and read my blog, Creating Impact, to inspire you to take a chance on opportunities, projects and experiences that can impact your world for the better. Share this blog and podcast with anyone you feel needs to see it or even hear it.
Stepping outside of our comfort zones broadens our horizons and it allows us to travel much further than a person who just wanders hoping things get better for them. Be an action taker champion. Get out of your own way and let life touch you with this thing called experience.

Adrian Starks

Adrian Starks is the Chief Communication Officer of Connect Now Business Network. He is a Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Personal Development Coach. His mission is to help entrepreneurs, students and organizations with teams who are feeling stuck, uninspired or unfulfilled. Giving them tools and strategies to get out of the ruts they are in, Adrian will empower these individuals to become their own Champions, no matter how stressful their environments may be. He began his entrepreneurial journey with a philosophy that began with the desire to help everyone see that they can courageously make their own changes, and become their very own Champion in any endeavour.

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