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A message to members (and visitors!) with regards to the in-person meetings. We have had a number of people ask us when our in-person meetings will start again.  We’ve seen other networking groups start to have in-person meetings.  We are all about “you do you” and wish these networks all the best.  If you feel comfortable attending these meetings, we fully respect your decision to do so.

CNBN made the decision early on to not reopen in-person meetings until the science showed it was safe to do so, even as we enter into phases 2 and 3.  We will continue to follow the recommendations of Dr. Bonnie Henry and remain a steadfast member of #TeamBonnie.

As of July 3rd, the Phase 3 recommendations for “Social interaction outside your bubble” include:

  • Only get together in small groups of 2 to 6 people
  • Keep 2 meters of physical distance from those who are outside of your bubble and limit your time together.

The full Phase 3 plan can be found at

As you can see we would not be able to host a meeting and follow these guidelines in good conscience.  When we are advised that it is safe for group sizes that would accommodate our meetings to gather in closed locations, be sure we will eagerly restart our in-person meetings.  At that time, we are excited to say that we will continue with regular Zoom meetings and online workshops, in addition to the in-person meetings.



While we have your attention we would like to give a massive shout out to our wonderful leaders who have continued with us and fully supported this decision even though it means they do not receive the meeting fees during our online meetings.  Our leaders really are the heart of our network and we can’t thank them enough to supporting us during this time.
Please go and give their social media channels a follow!
With much love and virtual hugs to you all.


Adrian Starks

Adrian Starks is the Chief Communication Officer of Connect Now Business Network. He is a Keynote Speaker, Bestselling Author, and Personal Development Coach. His mission is to help entrepreneurs, students and organizations with teams who are feeling stuck, uninspired or unfulfilled. Giving them tools and strategies to get out of the ruts they are in, Adrian will empower these individuals to become their own Champions, no matter how stressful their environments may be. He began his entrepreneurial journey with a philosophy that began with the desire to help everyone see that they can courageously make their own changes, and become their very own Champion in any endeavour.

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