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Katie McKay3 years ago20143 min

Connect Now Business Network strives to enrich the community and stands firmly committed to creating a group that supports inclusiveness and diversity, which means welcoming and accepting all people regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, LGBTQIA+, ability, socio-economic class, age or spirituality. As a direct reflection of our core values, diversity cultivates conversation, collaboration, and deeper understanding of one another. Diversity and inclusiveness enrich our group and our communities. All are welcome!

Our goal with Connect Now is to represent the beautiful diversity that we have within our communities. Though we are proud to have had these values since the company began, we know that there is more that can be done.

We live in an Era of Accountability and want to support others in their quest for education.

In the time where #metoo and #blacklivesmatter movements are at an all-time high, diversity and inclusiveness have rightfully taken on heightened importance. It is easy to operate from a level of unconsciousness that limits our ability to truly understand one another. We will be implementing diversity training, opening up the discussion to further educate ourselves and those around us, providing workshops to further our understanding, and giving back to our community with sponsorships, and having more of a presence at local events.
The best solutions often start within the community.  It is time for us to embrace change. Embrace kindness. Embrace inclusiveness and diversity.

Is there a local/BC LGBTQIA+, or BIPOC organization that you support?

Tell us about them in the comments.

Katie McKay

Katie McKay is the owner of three fantastic businesses – Connect Now Business Network being one of them – as well as a Master Practitioner of NLP and 2019’s Business Mom of the Year. She is passionate about helping you, both personally and professionally, to achieve your goals. While believing in connections and collaboration, she is also inspired by the friendships and support that fellow entrepreneurs can give to one another. No one understands you and what you’re going through as a business owner like a fellow business owner does. NLP allows Katie to look deeply under the surface, and her very honest and real attitude to life means she will tell you exactly what she sees and how you can change things to make your life and business better. Katie is all about showing you how you can be more visible, motivated, confident, focussed and empowered. All these things are within you, she just tells you, in a no bullshit kinda way, what you already know so you can realise these things!

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Connect Now was created because we need each other to fulfill our purpose. Life as an entrepreneur can be isolating, and Connect Now is where you can find your circle of support, business owner to business owner, professional to professional, person to person. Whether you are a member, sponsor, or leader, Connect Now is here to help you build your business. Join our community of like-minded business owners and professionals.

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