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Katie McKay4 years ago21726 min

The world is changing right before our eyes – the one that we knew just a few short months ago has moved in a direction that many weren’t ready for.

That being said… it’s here, it’s now, we need to adapt.

A word of advice? Don’t make decisions based on fear. Right now, it’s time to get laser-focused, determine what you need for your business. Get educated. Use this opportunity to grow.

Remember: there is someone in the network that can help you. Come to meetings and reach out. Now is not the time to stop networking, it’s the time to go to as many meetings as you can, learn about others within your business community, and discover how you can support one another in your growth (especially during this difficult time).

Strengthen those relationships. I’ve met some of my all-time favourite people right here in this group, and the friendships that come from it are powerful. I hope that you can find that too, knowing that you’re not in this alone.

Are you feeling overwhelmed?

Here are some steps that you can take RIGHT NOW to make business more streamlined for you:

  1. Revisit your business plan. Click here for a free download (no opt-in!) of a business plan that you can use for your own business that you can edit. It’s a really good time to sit back and look at what’s important.
  2. Come up with to do lists. Yes, we all have lists hanging around. A note in your notepad here, a post-it note there, it’s tough. Use something like Trello – you can use it both on the desktop and on your phone, and can completely customize it. They have upgrades that you can use to integrate seamlessly with other platforms.
  3. Find what YOU need. Not the business… YOU. What haven’t you been doing for yourself lately? When was the last time you read a book for fun, or went for a walk by the water? I can’t stress the importance of this enough. At the heart of YOUR business… IS YOU! “Self care” looks different for every person, and only you will know how to refill your tank and keep you puttering along.
  4. Reassess your marketing plan. Use something like Buffer to schedule your posts! Set a day for scheduling, and get ready for days/weeks/months at a time. Right now, advertising on Facebook is one of the most powerful and low-cost ways to create an ROI FAST. If you’re not sure what that looks like for you, send me a message: katie@chewiemedia.com
  5. Know that there are people here to support you. You’re not alone. This is an amazing time to be able to delegate – find out what you do NOT like doing because I can guarantee that there are other people that LOVE those things! Find them. Hire them. Profit.

What are some things that you’re doing to help you through these times? I’ve love to hear it… share your thoughts, ideas and habits below that have really helped you.

Katie McKay

Katie McKay is the owner of three fantastic businesses – Connect Now Business Network being one of them – as well as a Master Practitioner of NLP and 2019’s Business Mom of the Year. She is passionate about helping you, both personally and professionally, to achieve your goals. While believing in connections and collaboration, she is also inspired by the friendships and support that fellow entrepreneurs can give to one another. No one understands you and what you’re going through as a business owner like a fellow business owner does. NLP allows Katie to look deeply under the surface, and her very honest and real attitude to life means she will tell you exactly what she sees and how you can change things to make your life and business better. Katie is all about showing you how you can be more visible, motivated, confident, focussed and empowered. All these things are within you, she just tells you, in a no bullshit kinda way, what you already know so you can realise these things!

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